Art Directors Club
// Identity, Print, Code

An identity system based on superscripts for the first global organization to award and celebrate leaders in the communication arts.

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Ride Along

// Print, Material Exploration

A 12x12 book celebrating the culture, spirit and historical context of hip hop. 108 pages.

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British Library

// Identity, UI.UX, Code, Transmedia

An identity system exploring the relationship between a subject and its space for a research library dedicated to the dissemination of knowledg and the preservation of the written word.


// Identity, Code

A typographically driven graphic language for a hypothetical conference where researchers, practitioners and educators come together to learn, debate and exchange ideas pertaining to anthropological linguistics.

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// Print, Code

A visual narrative exploring the history, techniques, and philosophical impact of digital and print-based image manipulation practices. 54 pages.

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Under Canvas
// Identity, Print, Packaging

An identity system based on topography for a glamping safari excurision offering both the rugged adventure of camping and the comfort of luxury living. 

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