Special Thanks:
Roy Tatum

// Processing
// Print Design


Render is a visual narrative exploring the history, techniques, and philosophical impact of digital and print-based image manipulation practices. 54 pages.

Render invites the reader to question how media has affected our perception of the world, which seems to be especially relevant in this digital age. We’ve learned how to present ourselves through a computer screen, allowing us to stay more connected than ever. We have access to vast amounts of data and have found interesting ways to get lost in said data. But what have we sacrificed in return?

With the increase in the number of photos we capture, view, and manipulate in our daily lives, we seem to be shifting deeper into a self-referential reality called the spectacle, as described by Guy Debord in The Society of the Spectacle. We have also grown accustomed to a more fragmented sense of self. Perhaps it is time to think a little more before we render.